Coco Puff

Coco Puff is a beautiful, petite, long haired, jet-black, young adult female cat. She was dumped in (and rescued from) the bushes surrounding the Pets Supply Plus store in Oceanside.

She had been traumatized and abused to the point of having major injuries and fur loss around her tail and backside. It looked like someone held her by the base of the tail and did God-knows-what to her. We couldn’t even determine her gender…we thought she was a male.

The first two weeks in her new foster home, she just slept and lay on the floor staring into space like a zombie. Then, as her wounds and psyche gradually began to heal, her sweet personality started to emerge. She is calm, quiet and pretty independent. She likes to be quietly nearby but only occasionally ventures onto a lap.

She still has a few ‘insecurities’ from her previous life as a punching bag and would probably do better in a quiet home without children or dogs. She doesn’t much care for other cats but tolerates them from a distance. She and her other foster cat-roommates have a detente.

With the passage of time, she becomes more loving and sweet. Please consider Coco Puff if you are looking for a quiet independent beautiful girl.


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October 14, 2015